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We are a dedicated team, passionate about making your dreams event a reality.

"I am dedicated to making you happy about our services that you get from my company because it's so great. I promise you will be pleased!"
- Mr. Onoriode K. Akpe

Our Management Team

Mr Ono

Mr. Onoriode K. Akpe

Mr Ono

Mr. Ogamudiamen Ighedosa 
Executive Director, Treasure Island 



Our Dedicated Team


Mrs Akpe

Mrs. Grace O. Akpe 
Executive Director, Treasure Bells 

Mr Okezie

Mr. Okezie Okereke 
Executive Director, Cockerel 

Mrs Toyin

Mrs. Toyin Ozoemena  
Head, Events & Marketing 

Mrs Toyin

Mrs. Comfort Akusa 
Head, Client Services 


We want to hear from you!

In our guest to continue offering all our esteem clients the best quality of services in the future, it will be our greatest joy to hear from you be it in the form of complain, recommendation, suggestion and many more and all issues shall be treated with seriousness and by our management team. At Red Sapphire we care so much about our clients which makes us go extra mile to deliver the best quality of service to any of our clients.